Connected LQ

As a global leading expert on offshore living quarters, Leirvik wants to contribute to the green shift together with the oil & gas Companies.

Many new green fields have already been or are planned to be electrified. Still, there are a lot of old platforms and rigs that annually burn gas to generate the electricity needed to power platforms and rigs. Although living quarters are not the primary energy consumers offshore, they still pose a significant potential for improved energy efficiency and reduced emissions. To harvest this potential, we have developed “Connected LQ”. The concept outlines the many possibilities in using wireless sensors and smart technology to bring down energy and water consumption, as well as maintenance costs, by monitoring energy consumers and critical maintenance areas.

Smart Sensors and functions

Leirvik’s Connected LQ concept provides opportunities for a variety of smart functionalities that increase control and save energy and costs – for example:

– Remote and automated light and temperature control, including sleep mode
– Automated cabin switch-on when user checking in at onshore heliport
– Monitoring of housekeeping necessities
– Identification and early warning of leaks in service shafts, drains, mixer taps, toilet cisterns etc.
– Continuous barrier control, with simplified reporting to authorities

Powerful data insight

Connected LQ also provides several practical benefits in day-to-day operations. Having up to date information available at all times on a user-friendly dashboard gives an instant overview of;

– current energy and water consumption
– which cabins can be shut down
– maintenance issues
– statistics etc.

The solution can also generate reports, reducing the need for manual operations and eliminating a huge number of man-hours.

Scalable and easy installation

Connected LQ is a highly scalable concept, allowing clients to expand the most basic monitoring into a more comprehensive coverage at a later stage – all the way to partly or competely remote-controlled unmanned platforms. The concept is also planned as a stand-alone system, without any integration with SAS or other critical systems on board.

See the benefits for your operations? You are welcome to join us in our effort to make oil and gas installations more sustainable, cost effective and safer. Together we can pilot the first version of the “Connected LQ”, tailored to your company’s requirements.


Øystein Kvalvik

SVP ENERGY Modifications & Modules
Phone: +47 982 63 495